08/18/2011 08:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Moby, 'Lie Down In Darkness' (VIDEO)

Astronauts can be sad, too.

Moby's first single from Destroyed, "Lie Down in Darkness," now has a video, and it features an old man, looking back on his years alone in space, and looking really sad about it.

According to Wired, the astronaut is actually a cosmonaut, which is just a Russian version of an astronaut. One of the directors of the video, Luke Seomore, spoke to Wired about cosmonauts and astronauts:

They have an interesting dichotomy: On one hand they are really proud that their other half is going into space, but there is also this great fear. This idea is explored within the music video. Similarly the astronauts have a great sense of pride but at the same time isolation, because so few people have had the same experience.

It's a fitting backdrop for a song that already makes you feel like lying down in darkness.