08/18/2011 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stephen Colbert: Rick Perry 'Taking Sloppy Seconds' On My Super PAC Treasurer (VIDEO)

When Stephen Colbert said he was calling dibs on Rick Perry for his Super PAC, America didn't know what to expect. But as the first comedian to have his own Super PAC's first endorsement ads aired, it became obvious that his support isn't for the actual Texas Governor but for Rick Parry -- with an "A."

As if Colbert wasn't blurring the line between comedy and politics enough, after he told voters to write in "Parry" in the Iowa straw poll, the real Rick Perry has entered the GOP presidential race. Even weirder? Perry's new political committee treasurer Salvatore Purpura was, until this week, Colbert's Super PAC treasurer.

On Wednesday night's "Report" Colbert addressed Perry's "Taking sloppy seconds" on Purpura and quelled any fears of a conflict of interest by saying there is "no coordination" between his Super PAC and the Perry campaign. He also showed the exclusive response he gave Politico Tuesday, which clearly states his alliance to Parry (with "A" for "America"):

“We’re happy for Sal and we are even happier that Governor Parry [sic] has sent the clear signal of which super PAC he trusts to receive all that unlimited money waiting to pour in on his behalf. Loud and clear, sir. Unofficially, loud and clear.”

Watch the full segment below and also hear why Colbert thinks Perry is actually in love with him.


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