08/18/2011 06:37 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2011

Victoria Beckham Creates $25,000 Handbag (PHOTOS)

Last December, the release of Victoria Beckham's line of expensive handbags created a veritable feeding frenzy on retail sites such as NET-A-PORTER. Will her newest bags, each with a four-digit price tag, cause the same crazed response?

The Telegraph featured a preview of the newest Victoria Beckham Collection satchels, totes and handbags (with an iPad case thrown in for good measure).

They are all gorgeous, of course, but the main attraction is the super-luxe Alligator Victoria Bag with a price tag of £18,000, or around $25,776.

Pricey? Sure. But it's a steal compared to The Backpack by The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's deluxe fashion line.

The Row knapsack, perfect for the outdoorsy socialite who likes going for a fancy hike, rings up at a whopping $35,000. Who, you might ask, would possibly carry such a precious pack? Ashley Olsen, of course, who was seen toting her Backpack around New York in July.

So which is worth the cash -- the Alligator Victoria Bag for $25,776 or The Backpack for $35,000? Both? ("Neither," of course, is not an option.)

Take a look at Victoria Beckham's newest arm candy as well as The Row's competing bag ... and keep dreaming.

VIctoria Beckham Handbag