08/19/2011 04:30 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2011

Andy Warhol's Landlord Sent Him A Letter Telling Him To Stop Partying

Letters of Note has a real find up, from the book "The Velvet Underground: New York Art." It's a letter from the realtors who managed Andy Warhol's building during the Factory years, asking him to please, you know, tone it down. Apparently Warhol never cleaned up after his legendary parties, and the letter warns he may break fire regulations. Something tells us he didn't care.

READ the letter below:

We have been advised that you have been giving parties in the fourth floor space occupied by you. We understand that they are generally large parties and are held after usual office hours. We have found that your guests have left debris and litter in the public areas which you have never bothered to clean. Further, we feel that a congregation of the number of people such as you have had may be contrary to various applicable governmental rules and regulations and also might present a serious problem with the Fire Department regulations.

Your lease, of course, does not permit such use and occupancy and you hereby directed not to have any such parties in this building.

Very truly yours,


Alfred R. Goldstein