08/19/2011 01:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Lieberman Not Attending Glenn Beck Israel Rally

Glenn Beck will have to stage his rally in Israel without Joe Lieberman.

The Connecticut Senator had pledged to turn up for Beck's August 24th rally, which is being held in Jerusalem. Lieberman even appeared on Beck's television and radio shows to voice his support for the rally, and to promote the gathering as a nonpartisan event in favor of Israel.

On Friday, though, Washington Jewish Week reported that Lieberman had pulled out of the rally, due to a "family commitment."

The rally--a culmination of four days of events and television specials, all of which are airing on Beck's web TV channel GBTV--is, of course, still going forward. Beck is currently in Israel, preparing for the extravaganza.

The full statement from Lieberman:

"Because of a family commitment, Senator Lieberman will regrettably not be able to attend the Restoring Courage rally which Glenn Beck and others are holding in Jerusalem, Israel on August 24. Senator Lieberman supports this event and wishes he could be there in person to express his support for a secure and free Israel, for Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, and for a rock-solid US-Israel relationship based on shared, eternal values and common current interests and enemies."