08/19/2011 05:01 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2011

Polling Mayor Emanuel 'Outliers'

Reid Wilson wonders if Obama's personal likability could help him overcome low approval ratings.

Seth Masket uses economic estimates to project Obama getting <51% of the 2012 vote.

Steve Singiser uses Gallup's Obama approval by state data to begin constructing electoral vote scenarios.

Nate Silver tracks drops in Obama's approval among demographic subgroups.

Gene Ulm counts the ways Obama is no Reagan.

Tom Jensen finds that Obama's base has an enthusiasm problem.

Scott Clement considers Obama's "tried but failed" argument.

Frank Newport considers the fallout from the Ames Iowa Straw poll.

Sean Trende considers how the numbers and calendear stack up for Romney and Perry.

Conor Friedersdorf writes that Jon Huntsman may be too likable to win a Republican primary.

Jay Cost explains the invisible primary.

Charlie Cook writes that the GOP still needs independents to win.

David Campbell and Robert Putnam profile the Tea Party. David Sessions and Joshua Tucker have more.

Nick Judd thinks the Washington Post shouldn't focus just on buzz for "top-tier" candidates.

Alan Reifman questions Charlie Cooks claim that the health reform law is "remains very unpopular."

Rahm Emanuel polls Chicago on how he's doing..