08/19/2011 08:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow Dings Media, GOP For Obama Vacation Critique (VIDEO)

A frustrated Rachel Maddow called out Republicans for their hypocrisy surrounding President Obama's vacation--and the media for allowing the hypocrisy to go unchecked.

Obama headed to Martha's Vineyard on Thursday for his annual summer vacation--with Republican catcalls trailing him every step of the way. Maddow pointed to a statement from the Massachusetts Republican Party which sarcastically "welcomed" Obama to the state, and which said that Aerosmith wanted its tour bus back (a reference to his recent swing through the Midwest.)

This got Maddow riled up. She pointed out that, not only was Obama's bus bought by the Secret Service, there will also be an identical one for the eventual GOP presidential nominee. She predicted that the jibes about the bus would end once a Republican was on one.

Moreover, Maddow noted that Obama has taken a lot less vacation at this point in his presidency than either President Bush or Reagan had in theirs. Then, she criticized one of her favorite targets--the so-called "Beltway media"--for, in her view falling down on the job.

"Hyocrisy, thy name is Thursday," she said. "...[But] is it the job of the Beltway press to just write the criticism down and forward it to the American people without comment as if that counts as news? Or could maybe some context about the bare hypocrisy help?"


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