08/19/2011 02:22 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2011

Tiger Woods 2013: EA Sports Hosts Golfer To Produce Video Game (PHOTOS)

You've seen Tiger Woods on television numerous times. You've also seen him as a character in his own video game. But you've likely never seen him like this.

Our partners at Golfweek were granted exclusive access to Tiger for a recent motion-capturing session at EA Sports facilities in Orlando, Fla., capturing a series of images of Tiger doing everything from voiceovers and playing the game with an Indiana teenager to the actual virtual capturing of his authentic swing as developers build the 2013 version of the game.

Tiger Woods has had his name on the PGA Tour game since 1999 and the franchise is coming off its most successful campaign ever with the introduction of Augusta National in the 2012 version. Golfweek will be working with EA Sports on a year-long series on the making of the 2013 version.

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Behind the scenes with Tiger Woods at EA Sports
Behind the scenes with Tiger Woods at EA Sports
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