08/22/2011 09:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Parkside Pot Bust Costs Landlord $30,000

Last week's pot bust in the Parkside neighborhood left police with 350 marijuana plants and 25-year-old Duc Nguyen in jail. But according to CBS, it also left the home's landlord, Najib Batshson, with more than $30,000 worth of damage, proving that money really doesn't grow on trees.

"I should have walked in to the property every couple of months to verify that everything was normal," Batshson sheepishly admitted. "But honestly I didn't go in it for over a year."

When Batshson finally paid a visit, he found ventilation holes in the walls and the roof, a wood floor buckled from water damage, an electrical mess and a trashed kitchen, according to SF Appeal. "There is going to be tile work," Batshson continued. "They poured some chemicals in the marble and everything got damaged in the kitchen."

The grand total: a whopping $30,000 worth of damage, not to mention months of lost rent while repairs are made, according to Curbed SF.

Batshson hired a demolition crew and a contractor to pick up the pieces, and has contacted his insurance company, hoping for a miracle.

Who knew a little pot could cause so much damage?

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