Tiny Fuppets 'Creator' Reacts To Knockoff Allegations (VIDEO)

Earlier this month, we came across some new episodes of Tiny Fuppets, a web series that first made the rounds in 2009, but has recently experienced a revitalization.

Because many of the characters bear a striking resemblance to Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, and because the series clearly has a sense of humor, we here at HuffPost Comedy thought that the Fuppets crew would get a kick out of their title as "Most Bizarre Knockoff Ever." We seem to have been gravely wrong, though.

Fuppets "creator" Arturo Lima sat down in front of his fireplace to record this very serious video message and set the record straight. He wants us to know that the Fuppets are unique characters, and that they're not inspired by any other series or cartoons in any way.

We can't say we're convinced, but how about we promise to stop calling your series a "knockoff" as long as you keep providing us with hilarious, Portuguese-speaking cartoon animals?