08/23/2011 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Don Draper Asked To Speak At Ad School Graduation (VIDEO)

Don Draper may be a fictional character, but that hasn't stopped Creative Circus advertising students from pursuing the Mad Men star to speak at their graduation, The Washington Post reports.

To be clear, they actually want Jon Hamm to attend in character as the 1960s ad man.

Cleverly dubbed "Grad Men", the project was born over a few drinks while watching a swanky episode of Mad Men, the students write on their "Grad Men" campaign blog.

So far, the campaign has taken Atlanta-based students Deanna Director, David Ma and Mike Quattrocch on a 5,000-mile trek to get the backing of top creative directors for their pitch, according to Jezebel.

The video pitch is appropriately aligned with the AMC series in terms of branding and music, only with tassels.

Back in April, the students even held a Grad Men Cocktail Hour to pay tribute to Don Draper with candy cigarettes, MoonPies and plenty of schmoozing.

And after some persistence and creativity, the pitch reached AMC's press office, who is now speaking with Hamm about possibly making the commencement speech, according to The Washington Post.

If the students get their wish, this is pretty much the only appearance Don Draper will be making before 2012. The New York Times reminds us that fans will have to wait until early next year for the upcoming Mad Men season, thanks to a delay in production.

Watch the Dear Jon Hamm video youtube pitch below.