08/24/2011 05:15 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

Iowa Civil Rights Workers Fired For 'Gossipy' Emails (VIDEO)

Three Iowa civil rights workers were fired, after their boss discovered that they had been sending thousands of emails to each other making allegedly inappropriate comments about their co-workers.

Tiffanie Drayton, Michele Howard and Wendy Buenge are fighting to get their jobs at the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, following their dismissal over the emails.

The emails used derogatory nicknames for colleagues, including "Teenwolf," "Roid Rage," "Homeless McGee," "Dude Where's My Car," and more.

The three claim that the emails do not constitute harassment, as they were private. However, as the emails were all sent and received on company accounts, the privacy defense has not gotten the trio very far.