08/24/2011 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nick Kroll's Guide To Social Media Etiquette

"Social Media Etiquette 101" is today's "Typing 101"; a basic skill that everyone should master if they want to be successful. But since it's not yet being taught in schools, we must turn to today's most proficient users to write about it -- long-form -- in a traditional magazine.

Enter comedian and actor Nick Kroll (The League). Nick writes this week in Details magazine about "Mastering The Art Of Social Media Etiquette," and he covers most of the basics -- use a photo of you in your profile pic -- as well as some of the advanced techniques -- "be aware of @Humblebrag."

It's an excellent primer on how to be active in the social media landscape without being a blight. Case in point:

6. When someone dies, don't immediately reduce his or her entire life down to 140 characters of snarky dismissal. Remember, they were someone's son/daughter, brother/sister, etc. The only time it's okay is if your post is really funny. Alternatively, nobody cares about your heartfelt "RIP" tweet. Truly, the only place I want to see "RIP" is on one of those foam-gravestone Halloween decorations from CVS.

While Kroll's list is more of a set of guidelines that you are free to obey or not, it's worth noting that the comic has a near 200K strong Twitter following and he's never made a sex tape with a Kardashian. So his advice is worth heeding.

Read the full list of 20 tips at Details.

And for more Nick Kroll, here his is in a clip from "The League."