08/25/2011 03:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tim Cook's Best Quotes About Steve Jobs

Tim Cook has been appointed to CEO of Apple, following the resignation of Steve Jobs on Wednesday. Formerly the company's chief operating officer, Cook has been with Apple for thirteen years and served as interim CEO during Jobs' medical leaves of absence.

Jobs wrote in his resignation letter to Apple's Board of Directors that he "strongly recommend[s]" Tim Cook as his successor. The board agreed, saying in a press release of its own that they have "complete confidence that Tim is the right person to be our next CEO".

Many fans have shared their heartfelt reaction to Jobs's decision to step down from the helm of Apple, but what does Tim Cook think about his predecessor's iconic career? Take a look at Cook's best quotes about Steve Jobs (below). To learn more about Apple's new CEO, check out our profile of Tim Cook.

Tim Cook's Best Quotes About Steve Jobs