08/26/2011 08:43 am ET Updated Oct 26, 2011

Dutch Tourist Couple Die In Joshua Tree

Two Dutch tourists who set off across Joshua Tree National Park Thursday morning were found dead the same evening, apparently from heat exhaustion. According the Daily Mail, Augustinus Van Hove, 44, and Helena Nuellet, 38, were attempting to drive a Dodge Charger down a particularly rough road.

The couple was found dead on the road not far away from where the car was apparently stuck. The road was marked with signs indicating that it should be used by four wheel drive vehicles.

The temperature in Joshua Tree was nearing 106 Fahrenheit on Thursday. The desert park is 1,200 square miles and includes portions of both the Colorado and Mojave deserts.

“Exposure deaths like this are really pretty rare,” park spokesman Joe Zarki told The Desert Sun newspaper. He added that, while rare, heat exhaustion can take effect very fast.

“Just look at the football players who've died on the practice field,” he said.