08/26/2011 12:55 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2011

Melbourne, Manly Rugby Brawl: Australian Sides Engage In Epic Fist Fight (VIDEO)

Sometimes the line between rugby league match and epic brawl is ever so thin.

Such was the case when Melbourne and Manly (really, that's their name) played each other in the National Rugby League.

Any sports fight is generally entertaining, but the ferocity of this fight in conjunction with the announcers play-by-play simply makes this brawl top notch.

The video begins with a few punches thrown between the teams during a break in the action. But things quickly escalate after the fight is broken up and Glenn Stewart begins jawing with Adam Blair near midfield. The players quickly begin exchanging punches (to the tremendous delight of one fan, who can be heard cackling at the :35 mark of the video), and then, as the announcer says, "Here come the reinforcements!"

From there, for lack of the better term, a scrum breaks out.

Interestingly, Blair is sent off even though he didn't throw the first punch in his confrontation with Stewart. Or as it's expertly described, "What's [Adam Blair] done? Head butted the fist of an opponent?"

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the fight: Just minutes before it began, members of the Melbourne squad showed great sportsmanship in supporting a Manly player who suffered a neck injury until medical help could arrive.

Manly ended up winning the match 18-4.