08/26/2011 08:06 am ET Updated Oct 26, 2011

Miuccia Prada, Elsa Schiaparelli To Be Featured In Next Year's Costume Institute Exhibits

The best thing for a fashion designer's career? Get an exhibit at the Met.

After this year's blockbuster "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, that would seem to be fashion's new operating logic.

The massive McQueen retrospective brought in 661,509 vistors in just four months, making it the Costume Institute's most popular exhibit of all time.

Now Women's Wear Daily reports that two other major designers will get the McQueen treatment next year: Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli.

While Prada and Schiaparelli may not have the same mystique surrounding their names as McQueen, who committed suicide on the eve of New York Fashion Week just last year, both female designers have large bodies of work to display.

Miuccia Prada has been the creative director of Prada since 1978, when she inherited the Italian luxury goods company from her grandfather. Since then she's transformed the brand with a streamlined aesthetic, creating those ubiquitous black nylon bags that defined Nineties fashion and establishing a quirky, "ugly chic" look for the clothes (which some may just call "ugly," but we're fans...)

The Prada pick means we can expect plenty of celebs walking the Met Gala red carpet in Prada -- perhaps including the Devil In Prada herself, host Anna Wintour?

Elsa Schiaparelli, on the other hand, may have fewer wearers that night. The couturier, who died in 1973, was the queen of surrealist fashion and a collaborator with artists such as Salvador Dalí and Alberto Giacometti.

She also happened to be one of Coco Chanel's biggest rivals.

Her large body of work, which received its own retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2003-2004, includes humorous and mind-bending designs like a high-heel hat, a skirt suit with pockets mimicking a chest of drawers and her famous lobster dress.

Known for her signature color, "shocking pink," Schiaparelli and her designs might be worn today by Lady Gaga.

So who will show up on the red carpet of the Met wearing dug-up, vintage Schiaparelli? We can't wait to find out.

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