08/27/2011 01:26 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2011

Eva Longoria's Post-'Desperate Housewives' Career: Four New Projects

It's the role that launched her star, but with the show coming to a close, Eva Longoria is very ready to move out of her life as a Housewife.

Variety reports on four new projects that Longoria will take on after she wraps the final season of "Desperate Housewives," including a number of edgy roles -- which, perhaps unsurprisingly given the show's subject matter, tackle domestic dystopia.

Longoria, to start, will feature in the indie drama "Long Time Gone," as the woman who cheats with, and eventually steals away, Meg Ryan's husband. Then she'll do another indie film, this time in "Who Gets The Dog," a flick about a couple breaking up and fighting over custody over their dog.

The actress just starred in the small indie "Without Men," about a Latin American village that sees all of its men forcibly recruited by guerilla forces and taken away, leaving her to become the de facto leader of the village.

She'll next appear on the big screen in the upcoming drama, "Cristiada," about the Mexican Cristero War, and then the dark comedy, "The Baytown Disco," in which she plays a woman who convinces three less-than-intelligent men to rescue her from whom she calls an abusive husband.

For the other two new projects, click over to Variety.