08/30/2011 07:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gregory Kloehn Builds House Inside Garbage Dumpster (VIDEO)

Bay Area real estate isn't cheap. And we've seen some innovative ways to get around the cost of living.

But Berkeley-based artist Gregory Kloehn takes the cake with his latest project: a home built entirely inside of a garbage dumpster.


"I was trying to break down what a home can be," said Kloehn in a video interview by Berkeleyside. Out of his Oakland workshop, Kloehn builds homes, offices and sound studios out of storage containers. While working on one such project, he decided to take the ultimate challenge, and began remodeling the dumpster.

Kloehn's renovations include hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, a stove and barbecue and a water storage tank. His innovative designs have even drawn attention from the art and design community including the SF Fringe Festival, where the house will be displayed in September.

While the small house movement — a social and architectural movement that promotes living in very small homes — has been primarily embraced by rural communities, Kloehn's idea focuses the concept where space utilization is needed most: in cities. Supporters of the movement claim that living small is better for the planet and, arguably, better for people. In an interview with Dwell magazine, writer Mimi Zeiger, author of Tiny Houses, claimed that living small naturally leads to a more sustainable and less complicated life.

Kloehn's house may be more exploratory than practical, but it certainly brings a fresh idea to the sustainable living market.

Check out Kloehn's home in Berkeleyside's video below: