08/30/2011 02:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Origins And Evolution Of Popeye (VIDEO)

Spinach-swilling Popeye the Sailor Man is one of the most iconic cartoons ever produced. He has appeared in multiple cartoons and comic strips and was originally a minor character in another comic.

Popeye first appeared in the comic Thimble Theatre in 1929 and was created by Elizie Crisler Segar; the popularity of the character meant that he'd eventually get his own series of theatrical cartoon shorts, which in turn led to a live action film starring Robin Williams in the 1980.

Throughout the years, Popeye has been accompanied by his eternal sweetheart Olive Oyl, his father Poopdeck Pappy and his adopted "boy-kid" Swee'Pea. Learn all about he classic cartoon character by watching the video below.