08/31/2011 03:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Abdel Baset Al Megrahi, Lockerbie Bomber, Appears In A Coma And Close To Death (VIDEO)

CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson's quest to locate and interview Abdel Basset al-Megrahi -- known internationally as the Lockerbie bomber -- revealed something much more unexpected.

Though al-Megrahi appeared in a wheelchair at a pro-Gaddafi rally in Libya, Robertson found the ailing Pan Am Flight 103 bomber bedridden at his Tripoli estate, apparently in a coma and surrounded by his family.

The discovery appears to confirm earlier reports that al-Megrahi, who had previously been expected to die of prostate cancer in 2009, is now close to death and slipping in and out of consciousness.

"No, there is no doctor, and there is nobody to ask and we don't have any phone line to call anybody," son Khalid al-Megrahi told CNN. On recent demands calling for his father's extradition, he noted: "If you send him to Scotland, he will die by the way, here or there."

Watch CNN's report on al-Megrahi's condition: