09/01/2011 08:44 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2011

Boulder Valley May Start School Later Next Year Due To Record-Breaking Heat Wave

More than half of the elementary schools in Boulder Valley School District don't have air conditioning, and everyday since the August 15 back-to-school date all but two have reached over 90 degrees.

This August's record-breaking heat wave may even affect next year's back-to-school start date, as angry parents have been complaining in droves about their kids' sauna-like learning environments.

Air-conditioners are out of the question, since retrofitting just one school building would cost at least $1 million, Briggs Gamblin, communication director for Boulder Valley School District told 9News.

From KMGH:

Instead, it's been up to parents to buy swamp coolers and air conditioners for their kids' classrooms.

In the future, the district is considering starting school after Labor Day--almost a full month after it begins now, or planting more trees outside classrooms for shade.

"Parents are concerned about the health effects of the heat -- exhaustion, dehydration -- both during the school day and after-school sports," parent Ophelia Larson, who's son attends Coal Creek Elementary in Louisville, told the Daily Camera.