09/01/2011 03:04 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2011

Bay Area Transit Protests Drowned Out By Racism And Homophobia

Chaos continues to surround the ongoing protests against administrators of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system—and the cause is attracting the kind of friends who make enemies irrelevant.

Though the protests were initially set off when BART police shot and killed Charles Blair Hill, a homeless man, they’ve quickly turned into a game of personal one-upping between the protestors and the BART administration. After protestors managed to shut down train service, BART shut down all cell phone service, a Mubarakian move of questionable legality.

That’s when hacker group Anonymous got interested. And instead of speaking truth to power and indicting BART’s actual decision makers, they’ve waged a tasteless war against the company’s workers that’s done little more than alienate the communities most impacted by police brutality.

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