Gaddafi Leaves Behind Trove Of Secrets (VIDEO)

Following Muammar Gaddafi's flight from Tripoli, the secrets of his repressive regime are being made public for the first time.

Reporters have found a huge cache of intelligence files, which show just how closely the regime watched Libyan citizens that they feared could threaten the autocrat's rule.

CNN's Dan Rivers explored some abandoned military intelligence buildings and found files on citizens that covered:

"How much money he has, who he's friends with, where he's been. It [the document] is dated from 2007, but this room is filled with similar files on hundreds of other individuals."

Al Jazeera also has photographs of Gaddafi's sacked intelligence compound on their site.

The photographs show buildings that were heavily damaged, which they ascribe to NATO airstrikes. Shredded files litter the buildings throughout the complex, but many documents remain intact.