09/05/2011 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Supersonic Stellar Jets In Motion: NASA's Hubble Telescope Brings Jets To Life (VIDEOS)

We've seen some amazing imagery from space, but video like this is hard to come by.

Compiling time-lapse videos using images taken by NASA's Hubble Telescope, scientists have been able to bring to life these stellar matter jets that lie millions of lightyears from Earth for the first time. Typically only static images of this type of galactic activity are available, as formations often appear almost exactly the same after centuries of observation.

Because these jets are really early stars spewing gas at supersonic speeds, the changes are actually visible over the course of a few years. In the short clips below, researchers at Rice University pieced together images taken over a 14-year-period.

But the videos are more than just cool. According to NASA, they're eye-opening, providing insight into star formation that could help scientists learn more about our own solar system.

NASA has numbered each jet, two of which you can see for yourself in the short clips below.

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Video of HH47:

Video of HH34:

Stills of HH34 over time:

WATCH (A fuller report from Space.com):