09/06/2011 04:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Signs Kim Kardashian Could Be Pregnant

Although we don't expect Kim Kardashian to announce her pregnancy over something as mainstream as Twitter (we expect to see her future baby news in nothing less than televised skywriting or the like), the newlywed is surely sending some major hints that a baby could be on the way via the social networking site. But if we know Kardashian, allusions to a baby on the way via quips about new cravings may just be her way of keeping us all chomping at the bit, ready for her to break the news.

But whether these one-liners are just a publicity stunt or hints to an actual pregnancy, we're talking -- and if we know Kardashian, that was the plan.

We've all seen the movies where a nervous female lead discovers she's pregnant due to a recent and unlikely food craving. For Kardashian that food item would be mint Oreos: "ok I can't fight this craving....late night snack- mint oreos! the best ever!" she recently tweeted. But Kardashian isn't only rocking a sweet tooth, she also divulged via the social networking site that she's craving olives -- which she's never liked before. "Ate a bite of a salad & an olive was in it. I liked it but scares me bc I hate olives! Hope my taste isn't changing, I don't wanna like olives."

We know how Kardashian loves her iced coffees but she was recently spotted out, sipping on a less-caffeinated drink -- if you know what we mean. The raven haired beauty quenched her thirst with a hot pink iced drink rather than her usual coffee-based treat.

She's always been proud to show off her adorable nephew, sister Kourtney's son Mason, but lately Kardashian has taken her maternal instincts to a whole new level with a slew of Twitter pics of her handsome baby nephew.

Start your engines skywriters and don't forget that's Kim and Kris with a 'K.'