Neo-Nazi Village In Germany Has 'Happy Holocaust' BBQ Grill (VIDEO)

Despite the horrifying slaughter of millions of innocent people that resulted from Germany's previous experience with Naziism, it appears that some communities in the country have not cut all ties with the movement.

The tiny German village of Jamel has a long history of links to far-right extremist groups. The website of Germany's Der Spiegel magazine describes life in the town:

Hitler salutes in the streets, firing practice in local forests and outsiders chased away. The small run-down settlement has become a dark symbol of the growing reach of neo-Nazi ideology.

On the eve of state elections in Germany, VBS TV journalist Barbara Dabrowska was shocked to discover a barbeque grill embossed with the phrase "happy holocaust" while travelling through the town.

Many in the village support the Neo-Nazi-linked National Democratic Party (NPD). The party gained seats in the local elections that took place in Germany over the weekend.

Germany's The Local ascribes the popularity of far-right parties in small communities to the fact that mainstream political parties tend to neglect small towns in favor of campaigning in large cities.

The site quotes Olaf Krüger, an unemployed cook from the village of Koblentz:

Even those who are employed can hardly survive on their meagre wages and must get help from the government, he said, helping the NPD capitalize on populist frustrations. “No other party cares about the people here,” he said

As for the offending grill? It was located in the yard of an NPD office building, and a local party politician claimed that he hadn't noticed the bigoted words emblazoned across it.

You can watch Dabrowska's full report (in German) on her experience in the town, including her discovery of the grill, below.