09/07/2011 12:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nigerian Musician Bayo Ade Kidnapped And Killed; Fans Protest Government Oversight

Popular musician Bayo Ade was killed by kidnappers in Benin City, Nigeria on Sunday, and the Daily Trust reports that "economic activities in and around Benin were disrupted for several hours." According to Nigerian publication Next, the city was in "pandemonium" as young people, "numbering over 1000," engaged in peaceful protest.

Ade's death came after the kidnappers collected 500,000 NGN (about $3300) from his family. As such, the motive behind the killing is unclear, although Edo State Commissioner of police, David Omojola, announced that two 19-year-old suspects are in custody. The Gross National Income per capita in Nigeria is $2070 annually, according to World Bank, World Development Indicators.

The killing came just a week after another high profile kidnapping of a businessman in the city, and and protesters were reported to have been demonstrating against the city's lax attitude toward crime.

In response to the unrest, Omojola announced that he would be tightening security throughout the state.

Below, watch Ade's music video for "Amebo":