09/08/2011 06:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Super Bowl Ad Spots Nearly Sold Out For 2012 Game In Indianapolis

Who's ready for some football? Advertisers, apparently.

Five spots remain in the expensive race for a spot in the Super Bowl ad lineup.

The 2012 game in Indianapolis won't air on NBC until Feb. 5, but it's not too soon (in fact, it'll soon be too late) for advertisers to hand over the $3.5 million for each coveted 30-second slot.

"We expect to sell out totally before the end of the year," Seth Winter, head of sales for NBC Sports, told USA Today.

This is the first time spots go for $3.5 million, but the money also allows companies advertise for other events, namely the 2012 Summer Olympics, Ad Week reports.

Last year, spots sold out at the end of October, and they sold for $3 million,according to Media Life Magazine.

About 63 spots were originally up for sale, Ad Week reports. Nearly half of them were scooped up as early as May.

Viewers can expect appearances from some Super Bowl regulars, such as, Pepsi and Kia.

Real estate company Century 21 will reportedly make its first appearance in 2012, while Mercedes-Benz has opted out of a commercial spot, USA Today reports.

Eight carmakers, including Audi, BMW and Volkswagen, bought 20 Super Bowl spots last year, Ad Week reports.