09/06/2011 04:50 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2011

Maryland Football Uniforms And More Of The Ugliest Jerseys In College Football (PHOTOS)

On Monday night, the University of Maryland played a college football game before a raucous, rain-soaked home crowd. They won this game. But all of the touchdowns and co-ed enthusiasm seemed of little consequence compared to what the Maryland players were wearing.

The Terps uniforms, which were intended to look like Maryland's state flag, generated a Twitter maelstrom from fans and athletes alike ( the best of which can be viewed here). With so many people rushing to dub these the worst-looking outfits in the history of uniforms, we couldn't help but wonder what are the ugliest uniforms in college football?

Many feel the University of Maryland's uniforms shot them to the top (or bottom?) of the list of 120 division I-A football schools. But to their credit they may have given the Terps a distinct advantage that ultimately led to their 32-24 victory over the Hurricanes last night. After all, whenever the Maryland offensive players moved at high speeds in those jerseys, there was simply no way for Miami defenders to know whether they were tackling an opposing player, a referee or a misplaced courtier of the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland. In fact, the refrain of "off with their helmets" resounding across social media platforms could possibly have convinced Hurricanes players of the latter scenario.

Here is an unfashionable show that includes some of the bad, the banned and the downright ugliest jerseys in college football.

Feel like we missed a school or are upset that your school made the cut? State your case in the comment section.

The Ugliest College Football Jerseys