09/09/2011 03:13 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2011

'Warhol And The Diva' At The Lowry Explores Warhol's Female Idols (PHOTOS)

Andy Warhol's love of powerful, famous women is catalogued in The Lowry's "Warhol and the Diva," a compelling exhibit that contains some of Warhol's most famous prints, Polaroids of his subjects and pictures of the artist in drag.

Indeed, From The Lowry's website:

Warhol and the Diva often looks at the artist himself, having underwent a series of transformations in front of the camera in a project documented by his good friend Christopher Makos. In these photographs, we see Warhol sporting a selection of wigs and dramatic make-up, within a selection of Polaroid photographs and archival prints.

Warhol’s obsession with the Diva not only manifested itself in the works of art he produced, but it also permeated his own identity and persona. Just like the Divas he admired, Warhol wanted to explore his own alter ego in front of the camera, and to truly understand what it took to become a superstar like the icons he adored


Check out some of the prints shown in the exhibit below as well as an interview with the The Lowry’s Curator of Special Exhibitions, Kate Farrell on AnOther.

Warhol And The Diva At The Lowry