09/07/2011 04:49 pm ET Updated Nov 07, 2011

Cloo Bathroom App Allows You To Rent Out Your Toilet

New Yorkers know too well what it's like to run around town pee-pee dancing toward the nearest accesible bathroom. Images of the worst case scenario swim (gush!) wildly through your mind, as you duck in and out of random spots, hopefully without catching the mindful eye of bar owners (and not daring to use the city's largest chain of bathrooms, Starbucks). All for a little relief.

Thus: Cloo, a useful app service that combines your social networks with map integration to help avoid such anxious ridden gotta-go experiences. The app aims to fix the difficult search for a clean toilet, while also allowing those who rent out their bathrooms to earn some extra cash on the side.

From the Cloo site:

CLOO is a community of registered users who choose to share their bathrooms and make city-living easier, while earning a small profit. Using social media connections, CLOO' shows what friends you have in common with the host, turning a stranger’s loo into a friend of a friend’s loo.

We've all heard of the upsides to sites like CouchSurfing, but after airbnb's horror story when a woman came home to her house robbed and destroyed by a guest, tell us, do you think Cloo is a good idea?


[VIA Lifehacker]