09/08/2011 03:48 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2011

Damien Hirst Exhibition In Hometown Leeds Art Gallery (PHOTOS)

Now showing at Leeds Art Gallery is a comprehensive collection from Damien Hirst in his hometown, a surprisingly personal exhibition from an artist so often questioned for his wavering authenticity.

The free public display will house a wide range of Hirst's signature works, from his animals suspended in formaldehyde to canvases painted with butterflies. Though his media range from baby skulls to poison, the themes of birth, death, illness and religion are interwoven throughout.

The show will also feature design elements from Hirst's London restaurant 'Pharmacy,' brought back together for the first time since the restaurant's closing in 2003. The collection, at once diverse and congruent, illustrates that although Hirst may be unconcerned with authenticity in its strict definition, he has remained fully and unapologetically himself throughout his entire career.

Damien Hirst will run at the Leeds Art Gallery until October 30, 2011.

Damien Hirst at Leeds Art Gallery