Jennifer Siebel-Newsom Endorses Joanna Rees For San Francisco Mayor

On Tuesday, former-first lady Jennifer Siebel-Newsom announced via a press release that she is endorsing Joanna Rees for San Francisco mayor.

“San Francisco has a proud history when it comes to issues of equality, but the absence of women from citywide elected office undermines that tradition and deprives our community of talented leaders, skilled public servants and positive role models that can inspire young people,” Siebel-Newsom said. “Joanna Rees is a self-made woman who came to our community as a working mom nearly twenty years ago, bootstrapped her way to the top of a male dominated profession, created thousands of local jobs, and helped transform our most underserved schools."

Judging from the statement, we can only assume that Siebel-Newsom's support may be more than a little bit gender-biased, but the two women have been quite cozy for several years.

So does a Siebel-Newsom endorsement mean a Gavin Newsom endorsement? Thus far, the Lieutenant Governor has remained tight-lipped. But the announcement has surely sparked some speculation.

Reese, a venture capitalist, is a progressive independent who considers herself "not part of the City Hall crowd."

Joanna, after Tuesday's endorsement, consider yourself officially a part of the City Hall crowd.