09/07/2011 04:17 pm ET Updated Nov 07, 2011

Jill Abramson On The Challenge Of Creating A Female 'Voice Of Authority'

As Couric takes her seat at the anchor desk of CBS Evening News, her correspondents and producers in the field will be flooding her with images of war, climatological cliff-hangers around the world and tales of an ugly partisan fight for control of Congress.

Couric will be scrutinized for how she handles the news. But viewers and critics will be paying close attention to other factors too: whether she dons the horn-rimmed glasses she sometimes wore on the Today show to project gravitas; if the anchor’s desk has been reconfigured to show off her legs; and whether Couric has adjusted the timbre of her voice and the wattage of her smile to the sweet spot on the spectrum between perky and powerful.

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