09/08/2011 05:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

2011 NFL Preview: Records And Milestones Upcoming During The Season

When news broke just days before the start of the 2011 season that Peyton Manning would be missing at least Week 1, it totally changed expectations around the Indianpolis Colts. The news also may have altered the NFL record books. Or, to be more precise, the fact that Manning was missing a start for the first time in his career meant that the football history books would not be altered in ways that many had taken for granted.

Since joining the Colts before the 1998 season, Manning had started 16 games in each of his 13 seasons. He'd gotten banged up here and there, and, on a few occasions, he even came perilously close to missing a start. But he never did. He kept on taking the field. And he kept on excelling. Manning was sitting on 208 regular-season starts entering last offseason. To be sure, he had a ways to go before catching supplanting Brett Favre and his 298 starts atop the list but his new contract made it seem like he was going for it.

With Manning's ascent up the leaderboard halted, we got to wondering what other records and milestones were up for grabs this season. Here are a handful of the players likely to be chasing and setting records in 2011.

Players That Could Achieve NFL Records This Season