09/09/2011 09:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vistas: The Latino Vote, For Obama Or Republicans?

Welcome to the second installment of Vistas, a regular feature of HuffPost LatinoVoices whereby we will ask prominent Latino thinkers and doers for their perspective on a theme, issue or event which is often cause for a significant discussion within our community and beyond.

Recognizing that Latinos are not a homogeneous group, and yet share a broad range of experiences and legacies, Vistas simply aims to help illustrate different points of view, which in aggregate can present a truer reflection of what the larger community feels and thinks.

This week's theme is:

By many accounts, President Obama’s 2008 election was made possible by the high turnout of Hispanic voters who were motivated by his campaign promises regarding turning the economy around, health care reform and immigration reform.

3 years later, there is a steady stream of commentary that he has not met the Latinos' expectations and may be losing their support, presenting Republican opponents with a unique opportunity to attract the Latino vote in 2012. But Republican positions regarding immigration reform have created fear and animosity towards the GOP within Latino communities.

So, do Hispanics really have a choice in 2012?

Will voting Republican lead to better representation? Can they expect greater attention this time around if they again help Democrats hold on to the White House? What will it take for either side to convince these voters?

In the slideshow we present the responses received and invite you share your punto de vista and comments below.