09/08/2011 10:27 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2011

Matt Damon Talks 'Contagion', Gwyneth Paltrow's Death And Purell Use

The posters for Steven Soderbergh's germ-thriller, "Contagion" shows a series of stars rapt in terror, but none is more frightening than the shot of a not-so-pretty-looking Gwyneth Paltrow. Of course, we know dear Gwyneth's fate is sealed from the trailer alone.

Matt Damon sits down with NYMag to talk about the movie, Gwyneth's death and the inventible rise of Purell-use.

Most of your time with the other leads is with Gwyneth, well, until she dies.
That’s one of my favorite scenes, when I find out she’s dead. I didn’t know how to do that scene at first, because that’s a very common scene, when you’re given that kind of horrible information at the hospital, and everyone does it the same way. But then we talked to an emergency room doctor who delivers that kind of news, and apparently, that reaction of not being able to comprehend the info you were just given is just as common as becoming a mess. They have to explicitly explain that someone is dead, really specifically, because they expect you not to get it. People go, “But I just saw her.” So we did an on-the-spot rewrite there.

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