09/08/2011 06:41 pm ET Updated Nov 08, 2011

Packers vs. Saints LIVE UPDATES: 2011-12 NFL Season Kicks Off

It's all back: the surrendered Sundays, the tired Tuesday mornings, the compulsive need to distribute hard-earned cash to anyone with a Yahoo! account and a fantasy league or pick 'em pool, the maddening repetition of the announcers, the damnable broadcast viewing regions that keep you from watching that 4:00 PM game that everyone else in the country is seeing, the unchecked weight gain from draft beer and chicken wings ingested without conscience, the profiteers who are your only source for game tickets, and, lastly, that insatiable angst.

The NFL has returned. And, we couldn't be happier. Obviously.

While only Saints and Packers fans having to sweat it out tonight, the rest of us are free to enjoy this game without anxiety. We can marvel at two of the most creative and persistent offensive attacks in the game. In fact, most of us should DVR this game because the brands of football played by the teams that we support won't likely be as pleasing as what's in store for us tonight.

For some inside info on the Saints and the Packer then check out our game preview featuring commentary from CheeseheadTV and Canal Street Chronicle.

Stay right here for live updates, commentary and highlights as game goes along. If you want to chime in then tweet @HuffPostSports and we'll get you involved.

09/09/2011 12:29 AM EDT


The Packers got off to a near-perfect start in their season opener. Aaron Rodgers was 5-for-5 on their first drive and before you knew it, the score was already 14-0 Green Bay. After the Saints bounced back with 31-yard touchdown pass to Robert Meachem, the Packers looked as if they were going to blow the game open with another touchdown just before the end of the first quarter.

But the Saints kept their composure and thanks to a 72-yard punt return touchdown from Darren Sproles, they were able to cut the lead to 28-17 at halftime.

The pace of the game slowed down a bit in the third quarter. Despite Green Bay's Randall Cobb scoring on a 108-yard kick return, the Saints were able to slash the deficit to 35-27 heading into the fourth.

Brees had one last chance to tie the game and ran an amazing two-minute drill. After a fortunate pass interference call in the end zone and no time left on the clock, New Orleans has one final opportunity from the goal line to get in the end zone. But Green Bay's defense stuffed Mark Ingram, giving Green Bay the 42-34 win.

09/08/2011 11:50 PM EDT


Mark Ingram is STOPPED at the goal line. PACKERS WIN 42-34. Wow what a opening game to the 2011-12 season!!

09/08/2011 11:48 PM EDT


Brees threw a pass in the back of the end zone to Sproles, but the ball hit the ground. HOWEVER, the refs called pass interference on Green Bay's A.J. Hawk, extending the game just one more play...

09/08/2011 11:47 PM EDT

Brees Driving

2 passes later and New Orleans is on the 20 yard line. They ran a lot of time off the clock though. After a dump pass to Sproles, Brees was forced to spike it with 3 seconds left. Ball on the 7. LAST PLAY OF THE GAME!

09/08/2011 11:46 PM EDT

Graham This Time

Saints get another first down with a pass to Graham, who runs out of bounds immediately. 55 seconds left Ball on their own 40.

09/08/2011 11:45 PM EDT

Saints Start Their Drive

First play - 10-yard pass to Darren Sproles.

09/08/2011 11:44 PM EDT

Saints Get Crucial Stop

Packers ran a play-action play, but completed a pass for a loss of a yard. Saints got the stop they needed. They get the ball back. But they don't punt it to Darren Sproles.

09/08/2011 11:40 PM EDT

2 Minute Warning

Starks takes it up the middle for a 5-yard gain. 3rd and 3 at the two minute warning.

09/08/2011 11:39 PM EDT

Timeout Saints

After a short gain, New Orleans called a timeout with 2:08 remaining.

09/08/2011 11:39 PM EDT

Onside Kick

New Orleans attempted an onside kick, but Donald Driver leaped up and grabbed the ball. First and 10 for the Packers in Saints territory.