09/09/2011 07:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Puss In Boots': The Most Interesting Cat In The World (VIDEO)

Forget the LOL cats. Don't even think about that cat that musically flushes the toilet. The most interesting cat in the world? That's an easy one.

He's the swashbuckling kitty with the sword. You know the one. Yes, Puss in Boots.

Other cats have nine lives; Puss in Boots is still on his first -- and it stretches all the way back to 1697. First chronicled in a picture book in France, he's been outsmarting, out-charming and out-purring the world for over 300 years. And while he's perhaps best known these days for his adventures with Shrek, he's got his own epic stories to tell. Just ask his friend Kitty Softpaws, another pretty interesting cat.

Come this November 4th, the greatest of all those tales will hit the big screen, in all its cinematic glory. Just don't cough up a fur ball at the theater.