09/12/2011 08:54 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2011

Laughing 101? Harper College Adds Funny Course

It can be difficult to maintain a sense of humor in college. All those tests. All that homework.

However, at one Chicago school, assignments will soon come in the form of laughter: Harper College in Palatine, Ill. will be offering a class on comedy and a healthy lifestyle.

The Chicago Sun-Times has more:

“From Humor to Health: Comedy and Healthy Living” is a two-part class offered later this month by a stand-up comic and a humor therapist aimed at improving day-to-day life with laughs.

Learning humor is like learning music, said Scott Cashman, Harper’s continuing education manager.

“A lot of people think they can either sing or not sing,” Cashman said. “But you can become a better singer by learning how to sing. I’m not sure [the class] is going to change people’s worldview, but the way you can communicate with people can definitely be improved upon.”

According to the AP, the class will be offered free of charge -- and that's no joke.