09/13/2011 02:14 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2011

Armie Hammer Profiled In Details, Wife Slams Leonardo DiCaprio

Armie Hammer, best known for his role(s) as "The Winklevii" in "The Social Network" is being pegged as the next big thing in his Details' profile.

And, it makes sense.

The six foot five hunk will soon play prince charming in the off-beat adaptation of "The Brothers Grimm: Snow White" and Leonardo DiCaprio's right hand man (and lover) in "J. Edgar."

But it is his wife, former model, current journalist, Elizabeth Chambers, that might be the real show-stealer.

While on-set, Hammer's wife approached the "Titanic" heartthrob and gave him a piece of her mind.

"I actually met Leo when I was modeling in Tokyo when I was in high school," she says. "He hooked up with my roommate. When I saw him on set after all those years, I said, 'Tell me you're not an asshole. Do not make me hate you for the rest of the shoot. She was Spanish—you took a bath your first night together. What's her name?' And he goes, 'Marta.'"

Sassing Leo can't be easy. Can anyone say power couple?

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