09/13/2011 01:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Exclusive: 'Big Sexy' Features Real Plus-Size Women In Fashion World (VIDEO)

They're not strutting the major New York Fashion Week runways... yet. But plus-size fashionistas are becoming more and more accepted, scoring magazine covers and ad campaigns.

And reality shows. Ahead of MTV's new "Chelsea Settles" (October 11), TLC will premiere the final part of the three-part "Big Sexy" series tonight at 10/9c.

The show features five plus-size friends -- Tiffany, Nikki, Heather, Leslie and Audrey -- living in NYC and working in fashion as stylists, makeup artists and models. In the final segment of the series, the women travel to Miami for a photo shoot for Heather's new swimsuit line, "Heather Feather: bikinis and bras for busty broads." Nikki agrees to model for the shoot, although wavers when faced with her first on-camera bikini experience.

The show has been alternatively praised and criticized, for both presenting plus-size women as beautiful and stylish but also showing plus-size women who don't get angry enough when subject to blatant bias.

Take a look at the exclusive trailer for the episode below, which has the pretty awesome tagline, "Once you go big, you never go twig!" Will you watch tonight?