International Space Station Spacewalk Picture Shows Sun And Earth Together (PHOTO)

Here's something you don't see everyday: the sun and the Earth, in the same picture.

It's Tuesday's Image of the Day from NASA, taken with a fish-eye lens from the International Space Station during a spacewalk in May of this year.

The immediate future of the International Space Station is uncertain. The August 24th crash of an unmanned Russian Soyuz rocket carrying food and supplies to the ISS put future Soyuz missions on hold temporarily. (With the end of the NASA's Space Shuttle program in July, Soyuz rockets are now the only way to get to the ISS.)

On Friday, three members of the International Space Station's crew of six are scheduled to return to Earth. The remaining three are scheduled to return in mid-November.

The Associated Press reports that the next manned launch to the ISS will be on November 12, just days before the remaining crew is scheduled to depart. But if that mission is delayed, the ISS may have to be temporarily abandoned in mid-November until more astronauts arrive.

"The Brightness of the Sun":