09/14/2011 09:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bjork, 'Moon'

Bjork is back to greet us once more before her highly built-up album, Biophilia, drops Oct. 11. Last week, she added her latest single, "Moon," to the growing pile including "Virus," Cosmogony" and "Crystalline," one by one acclimating us to the space-meets-nature-meets-earthlings mood of the album.

Bjork is sounding especially tinkly on "Moon," a trend we've noticed on "Virus" and "Crystalline," and one we're very much in support of. As with every song on the album, "Moon" comes with a corresponding iPad app to deepen your Biophilia experience. According to her label, Nonesuch Records, the app is inspired by "similarities between cycles in music and cycles of the moon and tides":

The app opens with a musical sequencer arranged as pearls strung out like ribs projecting from a central spine. Each pearl sounds in sequence and can play any note from the song’s pitch collection. Fluid in the spine rises and falls with the moon above and tides below, and pearls play when fluid spills out from the spine and washes over them. In song mode the phase of the moon changes with the song structure. In instrument-mode drag your finger across the pearls to change their phase and you change their corresponding pitch. Tap on the moon to change its phase, the amount of fluid it pulls up through the spine, and the number of pearls activated by the fluid.

Now before you all start downloading at once, let Bjork take you to the "Moon," and check out a preview of the app at the bottom.

LISTEN to "Moon":

WATCH a preview of the app: