09/14/2011 12:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jonah Hill No Match For Prankster Brad Pitt On 'Moneyball' Set (VIDEO)

Caught for a quiet moment in Toronto, Jonah Hill dished on his "Moneyball" costar Brad Pitt's notorious pranking antics, and admitted that he got slammed with an endless barrage of jokes. Comparing Pitt to the Bobby Fisher of pranks -- "he's playing prank chess all the time; he's three moves ahead of you" -- Hill said that Pitt was relentless in just how far he would go to pull a good joke off. On one occasion, there was fake genitalia attached to the back of Hill's car (unbeknownst to him). On a series of others -- we're talking three-month period -- Hill witnessed curious things happening to his beloved on-set golf cart, which grew exponentially more ridiculous over time: the golf cart was flipped upside down, then its wheels taken off, then wrapped in giant pink car wrap, then covered in flowers and wrapped in pink car wrap, to being finally rigged to blast "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" at full volume every time the engine was on.

Though Hill copped to being no match for Brad Pitt's masterful pranking strategies, he holds hope out for Pitt's pal George Clooney.

"George Clooney told me that he has some good ones on Brad that Brad doesn't know about."