09/14/2011 08:16 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Pop Up Video VH1 Promo: Britney Spears' 'Til The World Ends' Previews Revival (VIDEO)

Though they've pulled in record ratings, a common complaint from old purists has been that sister networks MTV and VH1 have abandoned the vehicle that drove them to prominence: the music video.

To help quell the outrage and fuel the demand for highly produced pop music promos, VH1 has bowed to the pressure and brought back the music video -- with a catch. If you want it so badly, they seem to be saying, you'll have to deal with the most intrusive gimmick in music television history: the pop-up video!

The show, which ran from 1996-2002, was at one point highly rated for its info nuggets of pop culture ephemera and behind-the-scenes facts. It's been an irregular feature on the network since it went all reality, all the time, but the powers that be have decided that there is once again a place for the show, slotted somewhere between psychotic celebs. The network has ordered 60 episodes, and to tease the comeback, has released the revived series' first video, a modified version of Britney Spears' "Til The World Ends."

The show returns on October 3rd.