09/15/2011 03:42 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Prada Fall/Winter Fashion Film Gives Glimpse of 'Real Fantasy' (WATCH)

Prada's latest video catalogue release, Real Fantasies, gives those of us who can't actually buy Prada a chance to drool over its Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Eye candy for the A.D.D. generation, the film is a moving pop-up book of bougie '60s beauties playing (and posing) around a psychedelic dollhouse.

The ideal of the waifish model is taken to an extreme as the models all appear in two dimensions; they remain flat as paper dolls, often susceptible to being moved like a game piece by giant hands. The film captures the fantasy of bourgeois ennui, of being so beautiful and so bored you begin to go a little crazy.

The collection itself employs the idea of a living fantasy with its opulent furs, sequins and aviator allusions, making models appear as if they could fly away at any moment. The maximalist vision reminds the viewer of a surrealist Grey Gardens, pushing the obsession with beauty into a hallucinatory flurry. Watch here for a peek into Prada's dreamy dollhouse; unfortunately, getting any closer to the clothes may prove to be an Unreal Fantasy.