09/16/2011 04:42 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Georgia Mayor Objects To 'Rocky Horror' Performance

The outrageous music romp 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' finds amusement in its R-rated indulgences, from stilettoed transvestites to lyrics like "touch me, I wanna be dirty," and Mayor Wayne Garner of Carrollton, Georgia is not amused.

The play was set to premiere on October 27, until one cast member posted a video from a dance rehearsal on his Facebook, and someone showed it to Mayor Garner. The mayor then cancelled the show, calling it "offensive" and "not keeping with the community of Carrollton." With this decision Garner initiated Carrollton into the canon of places that have had differences with the notoriously naughty musical, which has been banned in Singapore and South Africa.

Those who believed that the show must go on were most puzzled by the fact that the city government approved the show and allotted funding without ever watching it or finding out what it was about. Nevertheless, Garner seemed adamant about his decision, predicting that "if that play was allowed to proceed... we'd be run out of town." Although not the biggest proponent of theater, Garner clearly appreciates a dramatic statement.

(Via Carrollton 11 TV)