09/15/2011 08:30 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Greenpeace Video Celebrates 40 Years Of Activism (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

Greenpeace turned 40 years old this week.

In honor of the milestone, director Peter Thwaites and production company Gorgeous/Les Telecreateurs presented the video below as a birthday present.

Over 40 years of activism, Greenpeace has earned a famous (or infamous) reputation for its often unconventional actions. Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace's executive director, wrote that the organization has become "famous for its role in ending nuclear testing, the ban on dumping of radioactive waste at sea, the protection of the ozone, the moratorium on commercial whaling, the establishment of the Antarctic world park, amongst other things."

Founded in Vancouver in 1971, the organization first protested nuclear testing in Alaska. In the years since, the group has attracted three million members worldwide. Although the group focuses on a wide variety of issues, climate has been at the forefront of their protests.

Naidoo wrote on Thursday, "No more can we put up with politicians squabbling over and squandering opportunities to agree on how to avert the worst ravages of climate change."

Naidoo and another Greenpeace activist were arrested in June after scaling an oil rig in the Arctic. More recently in the Arctic, Greenpeace teamed up with artist John Quigley to create a giant "melting" Vitruvian man on the Arctic sea ice.

Greenpeace also recently decried Barbie for her role in rainforest destruction, calling the doll a "serial killer."